Being locked up is not very smart. Always be aware of the consequences of your actions in Unfair dismissal in probation period. The Fair work website looks very user friendly and it is. After that the workplace laws and procedures take over. Judges (referred to as members) at the Fair work must do their job. Part of this process is everybody is entitled to a fair go. You have to figure out how to make the system work for you, not fight with it it. Get advice

Unfair dismissal in probation period:  Unfair dismissal claims are of course a way for Australian workers to stand up for their rights through the Fair Work Commission. But what many don’t realize is that while workers can win reinstatement or a payout through the Fair Work Commission, they can also potentially face jail time if they act inappropriately during the unfair dismissal claim process.

Occasionally employees do not take their claims seriously of unfair dismissal in probation period. Or get another job and just forget about their unfair dismissal or general protections claim. Employees don’t care if they inconvenience the employer as they were inconvenienced and hurt when they lost their job. Some employees don’t turn up for their conference or hearing. They don’t comply with paperwork or directions. Some employees think they can turn up and just have a fight and say or do what they want. The article is on part to point out there can be dire consequences of the employees actions. Employees want respect in the workplace. In turn the same employees have to treat the Fair work system with respect.

Fair work is like a court

In this way the Fair Work Commission is much like a state or federal court, which can hand down jail time to those who hold it in contempt. And an employee can be threatened with jail time even if they win their unfair dismissal case. In this article, we detail the types of misconduct that can see an unfair dismissal applicant facing jail time. And we look into two recent unfair dismissal cases where the applicants were left facing possible jail time for their misconduct toward the Fair Work Commission.

As Unfair Dismissal Australia do happen on a regular basis as most states in the United States are at-will states. Which mean that an employer and an employee have the right to leave a position without notice. The employer has to keep an employee's records for a certain period of time. The employee can file for unemployment wages, however, the unemployment office will conduct an investigation and determine if the separation was legitimate or not.